Craving Change ™

Have you tried diet after diet and are disappointed with not getting the lasting weight loss results you want? The reason these diets typically fail to deliver lasting weight loss is because they only deal with what to eat and how much to eat, and maybe even when to eat. But this action of eating is only the tip of the iceberg. The majority of the iceberg is under the surface, where we can’t see it! It’s our thoughts, our emotions, and even situations and environmental influences. Growing up, we are taught to associate food with so much more than just simple nourishment for our body. So of course, in order to change how we eat for lasting results, we need to change how we think about food too.


Imagine that it is 9pm at night. You’ve already had dinner, the kids are finally in bed, and you are settling in to watch an episode of your favorite TV show. You find yourself with your hand in a bag of chips. Why is this? You are not hungry because you had a rather large portion of dinner. The chips aren’t providing your body with essential nutrients it needs. There could be hundreds of reasons why and these reasons could be different for everyone! Perhaps you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, worried, or even happy. Maybe the thoughts you are having are “I deserve a treat” or “finally, some time to myself!” or even “I hope my kids don’t come down with that cold going around”.


The Craving Change ™ program was created by clinical psychologist Dr. Colleen Cannon and registered dietitian Wendy Shah. It is split up into four sessions. The first two sessions are designed to help you explore what is under the surface of your eating choices: what thoughts, emotions, and situations drive you to reach for another cupcake. The final two sessions provide you with strategies and techniques to help you change these choices into healthier habits, giving you the power to choose and finally see the results that you want!


I am currently offering this program as one-on-one sessions. But it can also be arranged as a small group if you want to embark on this journey with a friend or two. Larger group sessions are currently not being offered. If you are interested in a small or larger group setting, please fill out our contact form to get more information.


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One-on-one sessions are $410.00 for the entire program including the workbook. This cost will be split between each appointment ($110 for the first, and $100 for each consecutive). One-on-one sessions are covered if you have dietitian coverage with your private insurance. We direct bill to most major insurance companies.

Small and large group prices are yet to be determined and may vary depending on number of participants.

Phone appointments are also available to those outside of Winnipeg (excluding residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and PEI). Video appointments available soon. Direct billing available for Manitoba residents.